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Hi there!  Welcome to Wild Poppy Skincare! I’m Blair, a Licensed Esthetician from California. I created this beauty and wellness blog with a focus on skincare to share my knowledge and love for everything beauty related.


I grew up in sunny Southern California where I’m still living and loving it. My love and fascination for cosmetics and skincare products began at a very young age. One of my early childhood memories is playing with my mom and Nana’s lipsticks and face creams. I remember dipping my fingers into the jars of Oil of Olay and spreading it on my cheeks. Or those times I applied make up to my childhood friends and neighbors for dress up or school activates (hello Spice Girls dance shows we put on for our parents and 1950’s theme day at school where we were allowed to wear red lipstick) This was the early 1990’s when my Nana had mood color changing lipsticks that I thought were so cool, It was funny to see them trending again and sold at Ulta Beauty when I worked there just a few years ago. I also remember always reading the latest Seventeen magazine or Cosmo Girl, my dream job as a young girl was to work at a beauty or fashion magazine or better yet create my own.  


I went on to attended the Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandise located in Los Angeles, California where I graduated Cum Laude in June 2015, with a degree in Beauty Industry Merchandise and Marketing. I had an amazing experience at FIDM where I learned all about product development, marketing, branding and more. As part of my education I interned for a cosmetic company called Manna Kadar.  After graduation I worked as a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta Beauty. During my time there I helped all different people solve their own skincare, makeup, and haircare concerns. 

In 2019, I went back to school to become a professional skin therapist. During my time at Advance Beauty College I studied skin health, including how the skin, our largest organ functions, anti-aging protocols, treatment of acne, protecting and repairing the skin barrier, hyperpigmentation, etc . I performed different facial treatments and waxing including chemical peels. I also worked with electric modalities such as micro-current, LED therapy, high frequency therapy and ultrasonic therapy to take the average skincare treatments to the next level. I took and passed the California Stateboard Licensed Esthetician exam in early 2020 right before the world shut down for the Global Pandemic.


My passion for beauty began with the treatment and care for keeping my own skin healthy, clear and delaying the look of aging. I myself have dealt with my own skin concerns including acne especially during those adolescence, teen and young adult years and I still get the occasional breakout today into my 30’s, discoloration & hyperpigmentation from the sun, (hello southern California lifestyle) , redness around my cheeks & nose, and larger pores (thanks genetics).I also have always had a passion to help others achieve their own skin goals. I often spend my free time researching and trying new products, I am most definitely a self proclaimed “skincare junkie”.


In my free time I love traveling to see the natural beauty the world has to offer and to learn about other cultures and how they perceive beauty. I also have a passion for travel photography to capture all the unique and beautiful places I see.


Thank you for stopping by!


Much love,


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